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Attic and roof ventilation are critical in not only keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year long, but also to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty on shingle life.


Passive Ventilation

The way to prevent moisture from accumulating on the underside of your roof is through proper ventilation. Armor installs passive attic ventilation systems.  This type of ventilation system requires no electricity to keep your roof and attic properly ventilated.  It uses the natural thermodynamics of air flow to exhaust warm moist air out and bring fresh, drier air in. 

Dan provided me with a clear outline, cost breakdown, and was very fair in his estimate. I am so glad we chose Armor for our roof!
— Justin R., Lancaster

Okay - let's talk about MY project!

We will gladly provide you with an estimate for your project - no obligation and no hassle. We will come out on site, listen to your ideas, and put together a custom estimate. Every estimate is carefully priced out to keep the cost to you as reasonable as possible!