Roof Replacement

If your roof is in need of more than just repairs, a roof replacement might be the best choice. Before a roof replacement is recommended, we will perform a free assessment to make sure a replacement roof is right for you. 

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get it done right

If your home is in need of more than just repairs, Armor Roofing can complete an entire roof replacement. We will assist our customers in the decision making process with sincere assessments on all projects before any roof is replaced, and we work closely with each homeowner to determine the appropriate materials for their new roof.  

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variety of roofing options

We offer a variety of roofs for customers to choose from including asphalt, rubber, metal and more.  We have encountered numerous unique and difficult roofing issues through the years.  In order to provide the various options needed to bring lasting solutions, we have learned to specialize in many roofing systems that we believe offer the best quality and price.

If we wouldn’t recommend it for our own home, we won’t recommend it for yours.

Dan provided me with a clear outline, cost breakdown, and was very fair in his estimate. I am so glad we chose Armor for our roof!
— Justin R., Lancaster

Okay - let's talk about MY project!

We will gladly provide you with an estimate for your project - no obligation and no hassle. We will come out on site, listen to your ideas, and put together a custom estimate. Every estimate is carefully priced out to keep the cost to you as reasonable as possible!